Drinking water is so important and most Americans do not drink enough of it.  I am guilty of it as well.  It is not that I am drinking other drinks instead like soda or juice (like most Americas) it is that I rarely get thirsty until I am actually dehydrated and start to get a headache or achy.  Also sometimes water can bore me.  So here is something you can make yourself to add flavor to water and has many health benefits as well besides the ones that simply hydration has to offer. To make my summer “tea” I use Chlorophyll.

     Chlorophyll is the lifeblood of the plant.  It is responsible for photosynthesis which gives life to the organism.  It is actually very comparable to human blood.  In fact the biggest difference between the molecules is that human blood has an iron component while in plants it is magnesium.  It has tremendous capabilities in humans as well.  Here are some reasons that you should incorporate chlorophyll drinks into your daily lifestyle.  I make it by adding a tablespoon of chlorophyll,  (you can pick up a bottle at the health food store) into a glass of water and then add a few slices of lemon.  That’s it!  It has a very refreshing taste, kind of reminds me of unsweetened iced tea.  The lemon is also antibacterial, and has lots of Vitamin C.  And if you needed any other reasons to try chlorophyll here are a few:

1.  It promotes digestive health.  If you are not living a mainly vegetarian, whole unprocessed grains lifestyle then you probably have quite a large amount of buildup in your colon.  Chlorophyll will help to loosen the sludge and promote digestive health.  It is  low on the pH scale and will help to alkalize your body and can fight Candida as well.

2. It detoxifies.  Chlorophyll binds to toxins like heavy metals in the body and helps to excrete them.  Do any of you have metal fillings?  Then you have heavy metal buildup in your body of toxic metals including mercury.

3. It fights sickness.  It is very high in many vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants which will help to boost your immune system.  Research is currently being conducted using chlorophyll to treat cancer.

4.  It boosts production of hemoglobin in the blood and aids in oxygen transport.  This means increased oxygen circulating throughout the body!  Other countries actually use oxygen treatments for cancer patients and have seen promising results.

5. It  treats bad breath.  It deodorizers and helps to kill the bad bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath, which means sipping on some throughout the day will help keep your breath smelling fresh.


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