First of all words cannot express how against GMOs I am.  Besides the fact that it is detrimental to our health, it is going to have horrible implications for our future food industry, economy and environment.  Other countries are already banning imports of US foods because of GMOs.  Even if they are not created to be GMO, many crops around the country are already be contaminated by them.  After testing conventional crops from various states, researchers have found that many have been contaminated by the GMO seeds that have been spread through our earth’s natural ways of pollination, even crossing into other states.  Big GMO and pesticide companies like Monsanto are suing and putting smaller more natural farms out of business for selling their special modified seeds without their permission even though it was without their knowledge.  What this means is that our food supply is being contaminated, more natural foods will be less available because of bigger companies going after them, and Americans will be stuck with them because other countries do not want them.

     It is hard for us to even know which foods are GMOs because the government backs companies like Monsanto and does not believe that companies should specify which foods are modified or not.  What started out as just soy, has now grown into corn and wheat and many more foods and is rapidly taking over the shelves at our grocery stores.   Also the tremendous amount of pesticide used are killing the natural variety of pollinators and insects and new super-bug varieties are developing.  This means that the future of all natural foods are at stake!  So enough of my political/environmental rant.   I will let you know my top 3 reasons why is is a bad idea to eat GMO products and all the more reason why it is imperative that we eat only Organic or foods labeled Non-GMO and to support your local small town farmers.

1) GMOs are formulated for herbicide tolerance, meaning that they can use super strong pesticides to kill insects but it will not affect the growth of the food.  Some studies have shown that the reason for that is because they have modified the plant to actually feed off of the herbicide.  So forget your your veggie wash for this one, the pesticide has now become apart of the actual food itself.

2) GMOs are relatively new and the long term side effects are unknown, but without taking the time to test them they are just putting them out there because “theoretically” they say that they do not have health side effects.  However studies show that animals fed diets entirely of GMOs become riddled with cancer.  Is this because of the excessive inherent pesticides or the actual GMO itself? More research will have to be done but either way one does not exist without the other.

3) Food is meant to be medicine and designed with a purpose to make you look and feel your best.  Except for the occasional desert, if food does not have that purpose of nourishing our bodies then why bother eating it?

Also if you eat meat of farmed seafood please remember that the they are probably fed GMO feed. In addition many gluten free products are made with GMO’s so beware.


2 Replies to “GMO’s”

  1. Sadly the scientists are working to make GMO foods to fit with your #3…. they are mixing more than just various species’ DNA, they also mix medication with it too, so food will truly become “medicine”. In fact, they already developed veggies that produce their own vaccines.
    It’s disgusting. GMOs are wrong on so many levels.
    Buy local & organic! Grow your own heirloom food! 🙂
    Great article!

    1. Thank you! Wow I did not even know that. It shouldn’t surprise me though, it seems these people have no boundaries with how far they will take GMOs. Thank you for your response:)

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