Soothing Oatmeal Face Mask

oats-400x400     I always keep a couple of pounds or organic rolled oats in my cupboard.  Oats are extremely underrated.  They are very healthy and not expensive.  Besides all of their internal benefits, you can use the same rolled oats that you eat to make a great mask to soothe your skin.  This mask is great if you have been exposed to sun, just have sensitive skin or are experiencing a sore breakout.  It is especially great in the winter if you have dry skin and need to turn your combat dry flaky skin.

     First I take my blender and add a half a cup of rolled oats.  I did half a cup which was plenty, I actually used some for the rest of my body as well (great idea if you apply in the shower).  I am sure a food processor works best but I do not have one, and if you don’t either the blender worked just fine.  I blended them for a couple of minutes until they were fine and powdery.  Then I added a 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp raw honey, and a splash of hot water and blended with a spoon.   It should be on the thicker side like a paste and not watery.

     While I was in the shower I applied it to my freshly clean face so that it could be absorbed by the skin better, I also waited a few minutes so that the steam would open my pores.  If you have extra by all means use it all over like I did.  Apply with care as you do not want to get honey or cinnamon in your eyes, and gently massage into the skin.  Leave it on till the end of your shower and then rinse off and cleanse skin again.  Don’t worry that smooth feeling will not wash away!  Then apply whatever your treatment serum/toner and moisturizer you use.

      Oatmeal is very calming to the skin, it contains components that offer anti inflammatory and anti itch benefits to the skin.  Cinnamon encourages collagen production and increases blood and oxygen flow, and is also anti inflammatory.   Raw honey is antibacterial, viral and fungal and has long been touted for its wound healing properties.  All of these are beneficial inside of the body as well but they work really well together to form a nice soothing mask.  Repeat 1-2 times a week and most of all ENJOY!


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