Burning Fat


     If you are trying to burn fat when is the best time to exercise?  Well until recently most experts say there is no right time but new research does confirm that the morning is indeed the best time.  As a matter of fact the study found that you can burn as much as 20% more fat.   This only works if it is before eating breakfast however.  If you are not looking to burn fat and just looking to build muscle and endurance then the time does not really matter.  So this is for all of you out there who are looking to burn off that extra stubborn fat!

     If you have very low blood sugar in the morning I would advise to have a small portion of whole rolled oats prior to working out.  It will help to level out your blood sugar levels.  If your blood sugar is too low you may further lower it through morning exercise and become weak, lightheaded and potential injure yourself.   The source that the body would normally use to raise your blood sugar will instead be converted into energy for exercise.  So by all means if you have very low blood sugar have a little bit of plain whole oats in the morning, it is an excellent food in that you do not need a lot to feel satiated and it will slowly raise  your blood sugar and contains amino acids to support your muscles during exercise.

     When you exercise, your body first burns through your storage of glycogen.  Glycogen if derived from glucose in carbohydrates and stored in your liver for energy.  It is then broken down into glucose from which it came, and burns quickly allowing you to do demanding exercise.  Fat burns slowly and is only used after your glycogen levels run out.  Your glycogen levels are lowest in the morning after your fast overnight, and you will burn through it more quickly and then target fat burning.

     Fat gives off energy slower than glycogen so do not be alarmed if you can not keep up the pace you normally do.  Moderate exercise for a longer period of time will target fat burning.  The researchers from Northumbria University in England released the research earlier this year.  They also addressed common concerns such as if exercising in the morning increases hunger during the day and in turn raises calorie consumption over the course of the day.  They found this to be false.  People actually did not consume more calories and found that they even had more energy throughout the day.  So if you want to burn fat, unfortunately you will have to set that alarm for even earlier.  Hopefully the extra energy you gain from an early morning workout will balance out the extra sleep you lose!


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