dairy and hormones     Yet another complexity of my diet is that I do not consume any dairy products.  No milk, butter, cheese or anything containing those ingredients.  People ask me all of the time why I do not drink it.  I usually reply by saying that well I am a human and milk is for baby cows.  They then look at me like I am crazy.  Well here I am putting together some basic information for all of you as to the unnecessary consumption and potential side affects of dairy.  Milk is designed for it’s own species to receive nutrients and antibodies during early life.  It was not meant to be drank into adulthood and most certainly not mean for cross species consumption.

     As a matter of fact after 2 years of age production of the enzyme lactase necessary to digest lactose, a key component of dairy, diminishes.  By early adulthood people are no longer able to adequately digest dairy, which means that dairy is not meant for adults.   Around 30% of the population is Lactose Intolerant which means that they have physical symptoms from dairy such as constipation, gas, bloating, stomach pain, headache, etc.  However just because something does not make you immediately feel bad does not make it good for you.  You might be just under the threshold of exhibiting a readable response but that does not mean it isn’t affecting you in other ways.  Here are a few reasons why you should avoid dairy:

     -Milk is hormonal.  Scientists have found links between early and significant dairy consumption in girls and premature menarche.

     -Milk is causes inflammation.  It contains Arachadonic Acid which is highly inflammatory in the body.  It also creates a lot of phlegm an mucous in the body and is not recommended for anyone who has upper respiratory allergies.

     -Milk is acidic.  When your blood pH becomes too acidic your body has a mechanism to lower it so that you do not start to harm your body.  Your body actually leaches calcium from your bones because it lowers the acidity of your blood.  For this reason older adults who consume dairy on a regular basis actually have higher levels of Osteoporosis and more bone fractures than those who do not drink dairy.

     -Milk spikes insulin.  For this reason it is not recommended for diabetics.   Even though milk has a low Glycemic Index (30) it is rather an anomaly as it overstimulates insulin to develop even though it is low on the glycemic index.  It is a result of  how the lactase interacts with other amino acids in the body.

     -Milk is not necessary.  The nutrients that milk contain are not necessary if you are eating a well balanced diet of plants and occasional seafood.   You should be getting all of your healthy fats, and protein in other ways that are more healthy than milk.  It is simple not necessary!

     -Milk is linked to acne.  The sugars and inflammation aspect as well as the animal fats and hormones cause acne.  Fats from animals spike cholesterol which leads to excess oil build up in your skin.  The hormones in it include androgens that also stimulate sebum production and female hormones could affect your very own delicate female hormones mimicking them but not exactly accomplishing what they should.

     -Milk is linked to cancer.  The hormones in milk are linked to hormone related cancers such as ones affecting reproductive organs.

   I recognize that many of these points are interrelated but the bottom line is that there are many negatives to drinking milk and not many nutritional benefits that could not be found in other healthier foods.  Almond milk for example although not containing the protein that milk does still contains calcium and in even greater amounts!  If you are eating a well rounded diet you also will not need the little bit of extra protein that the milk contains.  If you are non drinking organic milk then the milk is even more detrimental and less nutritious.  The cows are fed antibiotics and GMO feed, in addition the milk is pasteurized (both organic and otherwise) and most of the nutrients are killed in the process.

     If you are drinking raw milk from organic grass fed free range hormone free cows then I am sorry to say but you are still getting a lot of things that you don’t want in your milk (see list below).  Plus for some reason raw milk isn’t even legal in some states.  So now what can you put in your cereal and smoothies instead of milk?  I would recommend  almond, rice or flax milk.  There are many healthy butter and cheese substitutes that work well and taste great.  As for baking, there are other great substitutes that I have used and they also work and taste great.

List of hormones in Raw Milk:

Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH)




Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)

Luteinizing Hormone (LH)


Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH1)

Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH)


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