Colloidal Silver

plantar wart treatment

     For years, 7 to be exact, I had battled planters warts.   Now being a teenage girl growing up with them is hard because you are already insecure and the last thing  you need is some weird growths on the bottom of your feet when your friends want to spend Saturday afternoons getting a pedicure.  Well I kind of forgot about them while I was in college.  After all there were only 3 small ones and they didn’t cause me any pain.  Since my graduation a few years ago however they seemed to multiply almost over night.

     I went from having 3 to having about 30 on my right foot.  Now it was a problem!  I had read that they were supposed to go away within three years and not to worry about them, not that they would multiple ten fold, and affect my ability to exercise and participation in certain activities.  The ones on my heel had become rather large ( the size of a dime), and the ones on my forefoot had all joined together, many little ones into what they call a mosaic or cauliflower wart.

     Not only did I avoid the pool, beach and spa, I wore socks around my husband all of the time even in the summer.  I couldn’t participate in martial arts anymore because turning on the ball of my foot was too painful and I began to strain my knee because of it.  But most of all it was embarrassing, I had to put an end to this for good.  I was stumped because I lived a very healthy lifestyle and did not understand  how my body could not just fight off the virus.  I decided to try to fight it from the outside.  I first started off by picking up over the counter products.  I tried about 5 of those to no avail.  I then tried duct tape, garlic, lemon oil, apple cider vinegar, banana peels, lysine, olive leaf extract and finally colloidal silver.

     I was about to give up after this and head to the Doctor but something started to change, they looked difference and that was a first.  What I did was tape gauze soaked with colloidal silver onto my feet, put a  plastic zip lock bag over that, and then a sock to keep everything tight/pressed to my feet the entire night. During the day I would wear dry bandages on the “diseased foot” and always wore a plastic bag in the shower to keep it from spreading since they were opening up.  It was quite the ordeal!

     The first time I tried this after about a week I ran out.  I had only bought 2 ounces for around $15 online at Vitacost.  Nothing happened.  I bought a second bottle because I was so convinced by what I had read online that if anything was ever going to work it was this! I did the same with the second bottle.  I tried to take it internally as well but each time I started to break out like crazy so I would stop after a day (no idea why).  After the second week I did not reorder because skin was literally falling off of my foot and I was afraid if I did it a third time it would make my foot raw.  At this point it was the healthy skin around the warts that was sloughing off not the wart itself.

     About a week later my skin stopped peeling, and about a week after that I noticed a wart was gone.  Then a week later 2 were gone.  This continued for weeks until I  was down to 4 warts out of the original 30.  I bought another 2 ounce bottle and treated them again.  I treated them consistently for about 2 weeks and then they took a few weeks after that to be gone.  The last one was on my heal and had been the biggest and oldest of them all and was proving to be the most stubborn.  I continued to treat it for a another week and then gave up.  A few weeks later I noticed that it dried up and I was officially wart free.  It is now 6 months later and no warts have returned.

     If you look really close you can see “scars” where they were but the print pattern of my foot has returned over where they used to be which is supposed to mean that they are gone for good.  If I could go back in time I would have just bought the 8 ounce bottle because it would have been cheaper in the long run.  The brand is Amino Acid and Botanical Supply.  I bought the 500 ppm variety.  This is expensive but potent and effective and I highly recommend it.  They also have it in 1100ppm form but they did not offer that when I was purchasing it. Let me know if you try this and what it does for you!


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