Andalou Naturals Face Peel Review


     Finding a non-toxic yet effective facial peel was quite the challenge!  Ok, so maybe it wasn’t so challenging but it certainly is a lot harder when you have such a long list of things that you don’t want in the ingredients list and don’t want to spend a lot on.  Ah the story of my life, expensive taste on a tiny budget.  I wanted a high quality peel because of my acneic skin to help to slough off dead skin and prevent clogging of the pores.  I have tried samples of Juice Beauty peels and like them except for the slightly burning sensation it would give me.  When you already have some sensitive pimples on your face the last thing that you want to do is make them burn.  It was also on the pricey side ($39), you can always wait for a sale or coupon but if you run out and it’s not on sale you are stuck with paying the MSRP and I didn’t want to add another pricey item to my routine.

     I continued to search for a non-toxic effective peel and discovered MyChelle’s Pumpkin Peel, which is also expensive at $28 for a little over an ounce.  I felt like this was nearly the same amount for the money as Juice Beauty, plus I read that it also stings so I continued my search.  I ended up discovering and purchasing Andalou Naturals Peel for only $9.99 at Wegmans.  It is a fantastic price for nearly 2 ounces and I am on the same bottle I started with a few months ago.   Now even though it is  a steal and is only made from natural ingredients means nothing unless it works.

     It is kind of an interesting peel.  It is formulated with fruit enzymes to digest away dead skin and Vitamin C to work as an antioxidant for brightening the complexion.  There is no tingly warm or burning sensation to my joy.  In fact when it almost feels like you didn’t even put anything on,  but when I rinsed it off my face felt smoother and I knew that it had worked.  I use it about 2x’s a week and I even use it for spot treatment (night or day) when I am having a breakout and it speeds the healing process.  I definitely recommend it. Also note that the scent is simple amazing, very refreshing and light.  If this product interests you, it is also available on Vitacost for a discounted price.  So let me know what you think if you have tried it or if you have any other brands you would like to recommend as well. ENJOY!


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