Oil Cleansing

 oil cleansing

     I first heard about the Oil Cleansing Method in the past year.  My first reaction was a rather perplexed expression. Why would anyone slather their face in oil?  Maybe it was good for someone with aging, dry skin but certainly not someone with oil and acne problems to begin with.  I couldn’t believe that it was a thing so I started researching it to find out if there was any logic behind it.  Then I started seeing all of the mixed reviews, some people have excellent experiences with it and others have had horrible experiences.

     I found that the results seem to depend on many different factors including type of oil.  Many found that many of the people with the bad experiences mixed oils or relied on oil cleansing alone to clean their face.  I decided to go a different route in my personal experiment.  I picked an oil that has a very low comodegenic oil.  I chose Argan oil which has a 0-1 comodegenic rating which means it is very unlikely to clog pores.  It also has many antibacterial and healing properties which make it ideal especially for people with acneic or skin with residual scarring.  I have also personally found that it is excellent for removing eye makeup and moisturizing the delicate eye skin.

     Since starting this regimen I have had some pleasantly surprising results.  Before oil cleansing what was happening was I had many many clogged pores.  I was not allowing my skins acid mantle enough time to rebuild in between cleanings and for its pH to re-balance (skin pH should be around 5.5).  I also was stripping away all of its natural oils that are meant to moisturize the skin and prevent bacterial infections.   Since switching my skin is significantly less oily and I have noticeable less clogged pores.

     My routine consists of as follows: At night I gently steam my face and then apply the Argan Oil and massage it in for a few minutes.  I then remove the oil with a hot washcloth and pat dry, and then moisturize with a little bit of Argan Oil.  In the morning I shower so I don’t steam again and in the shower I massage in the Argan Oil and use a washcloth to remove.  I then pat dry with a towel and reapply a little Argan oil for moisturizer.  It surprisingly dries matte, and leaves my skin soft and smooth, the perfect canvas for my mineral foundation.

     The Argan oil I use is from a trusted brand called Aura Cacia  and I ordered it for $8 on Vitacost.  When looking for a brand of Argan oil to use, look for one in a dark glass bottle.  This keeps it fresh and from being oxidized by light.  Look for one that is NOT deodorized, these have less efficacy.  Naturally they should have  a slightly sweet nutty flavor.  It should also feel smooth and silky and be 100% pure with not fillers.  Have any of you tried Oil Cleansing or discovered any other uses for Argan oil?


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