eggs and hormones

     I finally got around to posting about my egg-less life.  Eggs are a unique food:

They are not considered meat but are an animal product and best known for their high protein content.

They are also very nutritious, containing many vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are all very beneficial.

Eggs also score of a 0 on the Glycemic Index which is very unique!

Eggs do contain high amounts of cholesterol (which was at the forefront of the longtime eat or eat not eggs debate).  However that has since been forgotten when scientists declared that eating an egg or two a day is not enough to negatively impact ones cholesterol levels.

     I however choose to not eat eggs at all,and I have a few good reasons:

First of all I do not need what eggs have to offer me, I already get plenty of vitamins, minerals and protein from other sources.

Secondly, I try very hard not to consume anything with hormones in it that could disrupt my own.  Most people do not even consider this factor.  Eggs contain estrogens, partially do to their reproductive nature but also due to the fact that most chickens, organic or not are fed soy.  In addition, they also innately contain many other hormones such as progesterone, androgens and their derivatives.  They also contain Arachidonic Acid (A.A.) which is highly inflammatory.

     With having such a hormone sensitive body and trying to combat hormonal acne (and inflammatory condition), I choose to not consume eggs as a part of my diet simply because of its hormone content and (A.A.).    However, if you weigh the pros and the cons and still decide that eggs are a good addition to your diet, then just make sure to buy your eggs from a supplier that uses of hormone and antibiotic free, free-range chickens.    If you can get your eggs from a local provider who does not feed their chickens soy then even better!


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