oyster and zinc

     Even though my multivitamin already contains Zinc,  I decided to add an additional supplement for a few reasons.  First of all zinc is wonderful for your immune system.  Most people think Vitamin C when they think immune system.  And Vitamin C is truly wonderful, however Zinc is just as amazing and needs to be considered for additional supplementation.  As just mentioned, Zinc plays an important role in immunity by regulating the cellular and humoral immunity.

It provides protection again environmental toxins such as heavy metals and is a part of the powerful antioxidant Copper Zinc Superoxide Dismutase which protects lipids from oxidation.

More than 200 enzymes require zinc to function.

It seems to have its hands on almost everything in the body including DNA synthesis, cell growth and differentiation, liver metabolism of ethanol and hormone metabolism including reproductive hormones, thyroid and insulin.

     Anyone with liver and kidney disease, high alcohol or calcium consumption, or chronic inflammation have increased Zinc requirements.  Zinc is also helpful for a variety of needs issues including acne, hormonal support, any other skin disorders, and macular degeneration.  Although the RDA is much lower, doses up to 150 mg can be very therapeutic.  For normal supplementation for immune system support for example during cold and flu season, intake below 80 mg is usually ideal.

     Long term use of higher doses can lead to copper deficiency anemia since copper and Zinc compete for absorption.  So if you are experiencing any of the issues I have mentioned and believe that you may have a Zinc deficiency or increased need, talk to your Doctor about increasing your Zinc intake.  So why is there a picture of oysters you say?  Well oysters have the highest content of zinc of any food by a wide margin.  So there is 1 good reason to splurge and treat yourself to this pricey seafood if you were looking for an excuse!


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