Stubborn Fat

stubborn fat

     One of the things that even the healthiest people struggle with in their appearance is subcutaneous fat.  This is the fat that is deposited under the skin and above the muscles.  It is very stubborn as difficult to get rid of.  A little bit of subcutaneous fat is not hazardous to your health and may even have health benefits, however if it is not evenly dispersed and is settled in one area it may appear unsightly.  Please remember that although it does not correlate with health concerns, being thin and having low little of  this kind of fat does not mean that you do not have fat deposits.

     Visceral fat is the kind that surrounds your organs and carries the highest health risks.  If someone is naturally thin and has substantial muscle tone, Visceral fat may be there undiscovered.  That is why a healthy diet is just as important as a healthy lifestyle.  In other words working out does not equate a free pass to eat garbage.

     For those of you who do have a little bit of remaining stubborn fat there is hope. Research presented in 2011 from the Iranian Journal of Health and Physical Activity demonstrated how massage can decrease fat deposits.  The reasoning behind this is that fat is stored energy and to be utilized but be able to travel via the bloodstream.  Subcutaneous fat has very little blood flow and massage can increase blood flow the increasing the likelihood of stored energy being released.

     I also wrote a post of exercising for fat burn which will be useful in targeting the use of fat as energy during exercise, but increasing blood flow to the area is crucial.  As a matter of fact the next time you work out notice how warm your body feels. Then place a hand on your fat deposit and notice how cool it feels.  That is due to lack of blood flow to that area.  If you are interested in learning the specifics, check out the article here.


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