Epic Mineral Beauty Foundation


     I was perfectly fine with my previously reviewed foundation until I realized that 1) The more I use it, the more clogged my pores seem to be and 2) That even though is is “healthy makeup” that it did contain toxic ingredients.  That started me on a search for a new foundation.  I knew that I wanted to stick with a loose powder because they have fewer ingredients which is better for my skin.  So I started researching what ingredients could be clogging my pores and I found out that for some Mica can be comedogenic because it can cause micro-tears in the skin and clog the pores.  I decided that I must eliminate Mica from my makeup.

     I also discovered that Titanium Dioxide when it is airborne is carcinogenic and that it has no real benefit for the skin except for use as a sunscreen.  I decided Titanium dioxide must go too.  Another problem with many other even pure mineral foundations is that they contain nano particles that can enter your body and have been shown to have detrimental effects.  So I looked around and discovered a few different brands that fit my bill.  I did however want to find something that contains Zinc Oxide because it can be good for acneic skin and I do want some level of sun protection. In discovered a relatively new brand called Epic Mineral Beauty (http://epicmineralbeauty.com/).  I was attracted to their product because they had an attractive website and great customer service although their product is a bit expensive.epic mineral beauty foundation review

     So initially you should order a bunch of samples… trust me.  As you can see I ordered quite a few and spent almost $20 with the shipping.  I wasn’t too happy about that but the color that ended up being my watch was not my first, second or even third choice so it ended up being a smart move. Their full size product which I ended up purchasing comes in a 6g plastic jar with turntable sifter.  This costs about $32 with shipping which is a bit on the higher end.

     Below is a picture of the samples before I used any of them, so they come with very little powder, just enough for one application.  Only two of the shades I ended up using because the other ones wore a lot darker than they appeared online.  The colors are as follows from left to right: Driven, Persuasive, Feisty, Comical, Loyal, Glam and Fun.  I  was only able to use the first two with my light pink/neutral skin tone and ended up ordering Persuasive in full size.

epic mineral beauty review

     As for the actual product review I will continue to mention the packaging.  The top of the lid has a plastic/paper thing glued onto the inside which I had to rip off and scrape the glue off of because it was very difficult for me to swirl the minerals in the lid with my brush with that in there.  I really wish they would just not put that in the lid.  As for the actual product itself, it can be quite tricky.  I discovered that I need to have my skin well moisturized as the product is very dry. Depending on the size, kind and quality of your brushes it can be buildable but is in general quite lite coverage.

     It does take a good deal of product to get heavy coverage but it can be done!  I use kabuki brush to buff the product on and a second small brush to really get a good covering effect on blemishes using a stippling effect.  Sometimes I put some of my face oil on my brushes or in the lid with the product and do a more “wet” application.  The product is not very smooth but rather a bit rough.  This is too be expected though because it is Titanium Dioxide-free , nano-free and Mica-free.

     The ingredients are: Non-GMO (not genetically modified) oryza sativa (rice) powder; non-nano particle zinc oxide; kaolin (clay); iron oxides. May contain ultramarine blue.  The Zinc Oxide and Rice Powder are both healing for the skin which helps blemished heal quickly.  The Kaolin Clay helps to mattify and draw out toxins.The color I chose is Persuasive and it does not contain ultramarine blue however some of the other ones do and that info is available upon request.

     Overall if you suspect that your skin may be sensitive to either Mica and/or Titanium Oxide, or you just want to further detox your makeup I would give this brand a look.  Even though I am not 100% in love I cannot deny that I have less clogged pores and that pimples do tend to heal more quickly.  Let me know if you have tried it as well and what your thoughts are.  Overall I have to said that I am a proud customer because it feels good to not use harmful products but still have cosmetics that are not cheesy and do what they are supposed to. Another plus is that it is a small company that values its customer and is run by women!


12 Replies to “Epic Mineral Beauty Foundation”

  1. I just discovered this brand and your blog, and I am so glad I did! I actually make my own mineral foundation with TItanium, zinc (non- nano for both), mica, and oxides. I have an issue with clogged pores though, so, I took up oil cleansing. Though this helps, I have to do it daily for about 20 minutes to unclog my skin. I think I may order some samples of this or perhaps even formulate my own. Thank you so much!

    1. That is so great that you make your own! I actually used to use Alima Pure which has great coverage and quality but was really clogging my pores ( I suspect the Mica was doing it). Using a product without Mica or Titanium Dioxide like Epic Mineral Beauty will take some getting used to but may help your skin out a lot. To get a better coverage, I usually dampen my brush and it helps with application. I have noticed less clogged pores and my skin feels “lighter”. I am so glad you enjoy the blog! Let me know if you have any other questions:)

      1. I sampled Alima pure before I made my own! I really like their stuff and wide selection of colors. I experimented last night with some Kaolin clay, Zinc, and arrowroot powder and ended up with quite a nice foundation, definitely different. I would be curious to get a sample. I get about medium coverage…. and still use my own mineral concealer in areas I really need it, but on top of the foundation and very lightly. It does feel good and so far actually looks really wonderful! My husband commented on how nice my skin looked, rather than my makeup! What I did was mix a little bit of it with my moisturizer and apply that first, then I applied this. It did quite well! I noticed the color deepens a bit as I buffed it in. My first batch ended up being too dark even though it matched my regular mineral foundation swatched on my arm! So my foundation looks like Geisha makeup in the jar 😉 but matches me well. It is fairly smooth, I added a little Magnesium stearate which is a vegetable starch which feels like powder butter between your finger, quite unique. It is a pore safe ingredient too. Are you still using this foundation now? Do you use a concealers to cover blemishes? What do you use for blush?

        1. Thank you so much for updating me! I have experienced the same thing shade wise which is why I recommend getting samples, my foundation is very light in the jar but blends well onto my skin and looks natural. I am not using any blush or anything right now because I have a sun kissed look going on that I like;) I would be careful with the Magnesium stearate because it contains stearic acid which is a long chain saturated fatty acid that can clog pores. Have you experimented with boron nitride? That might provide some nice texture for you. As fas as coverage and concealer, for everyday I just apply the powder with a dampened brush. If I am going for a heavier coverage I will mix it with a little of my cleansing oil. I also use a small brush which I either dampen with water or oil and “stipple” it on to areas where I need more coverage (blemishes, under eyes, ect.). I hope that helps! Please keep me updated on your foundation development, that is so exciting:D

      2. Oh that is good to know! I will definitely be tossing my current batch since it does heave Magnesium stearate. Bummer! My source mentioned it was safe, better find a new one! I would really like to try adding a more creamy, moisturizing type powder though, such as pearl or silk, and try rice. It is funny how it looks so light in the jar but matches well. I did find it almost too drying since it does contain clay and I have normal/slightly dry skin. I love it mixed with oil! Sadly, I struggle with hormonal acne so I do need some coverage. I find that I still need my regular mineral concealer just for those spots =( I will try the dampened brush. I did this with my regular minerals but wasn’t keen on how quickly my brush became yucky. I already wash them once a week but with this method they require twice a week! This is all so interesting! I will still order samples and check out Epic Mineral beauty, I am just not thrilled about the cost when I get the same ingredients for about 1/4 of the price including shipping.

        1. I see most resources rate it as non-comedogenic. Perhaps try it out for a while and see how it does for you? I hear you about the hormonal acne. Mine is mainly hormonal, the spots that pop up during that time of month take FOREVER to heal and by the time they are gone it’s that time of month again. Oh well. One of my last posts was on the honey cleanser you should check that out. I use it just when I start reaching PMS and breaking it out and the breakouts have been more mild. It is too heavy for me to use full time so I just rotate to it during that time of month.

      3. I have tried and love raw honey to cleanse! I have tried many things… Oil cleansing seems to be the best for clearing pores and after about 8 oils I finally discovered that grape seed works. My skin seems to be somewhat immune to topical treatment. I have tea tree oil which seems to work okay, but my skin continues to breakout, all times of the month, always under the skin. I am very fair so the red inflammation that comes with it is so obvious. The first week of the month is best but I need to cover my face before I go out… Someday I will be able to wear minimal makeup or bareface. Summer time is the toughest. Everything I have tried works for a week or two, wonderfully, then I will breakout with a vengeance! So, I started researching and discovering I have to look inside my body at what is going on, as skin is just a reflection of that. I am doing a cleanse now, and starting an elimination diet and changing to a more pant based diet. I never had acne until I had had my daughter, but particularly when I was done nursing is when it started. You are lucky it isn’t a frequent thing! So in the meantime, makeup it is but I want it to be healthy and not worsen my skin!

        1. I find that yes it is very much about whats going on in your body, the topical should complement that. You can have a great diet (like I feel I do) but if I don’t take care of my skin with the right ingredients etc. all hell will break loose. I am actually graduating next week with my masters in nutrition so I know a bit about how to formulate a diet for healthy skin. Is there any way to contact you directly? I might be able to help you out if you need a bit of guidance with transitioning to a plant based diet.

        2. Hi Ashlynn!
          I was wondering how your elimination diet went, and how you are liking your new skin!

          I found that I needed to eliminate dairy, gluten, and ALL grains in order to get a handle on my skin. But I also discovered that oils cogged my skin. I did a 30-day Jojoba Oil Experiment on my blog, and then a 30 day Argan Oil experiment too, both of which resulted in pretty congested skin. So even if we eat perfectly clean, but use the wrong product, our skin can still suffer as a result…


        3. Hello Kathleen and Olena! It has been over a year since these comments were made now! Oh how so much has improved and changed!

          My elimination diet proved very helpful! I have finally been able to stay off of wheat altogether (I am allergic since childhood) and found a new way of eating that is not only satisfying but seems to really help with my health and my skin. I still dealt with skin and health issues though, just slightly improved. I did recently start seeing a natural minded chiropractor and found that my nerves in my spine that go to my liver, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and entire digestive system are all being pinched by my severe scoliosis curve and neck curve/misalignment, which was worsened after childbirth due to my pelvis being rotated slightly. Now that I am getting adjusted, my health is improving and my skin with it, and it is staying consistent. I was so confused why my health wasn’t improving with any amount of diet changes and lifestyle. It would improve slightly but my skin issues would still be there and my digestive problems as well. No amount of this can help if you have a crooked spine! I always thought chiropractic was just popping bones! I see a clinic in the Maximized Living network and highly recommend checking out their site.

          I have since also been making pressed makeup like face powder, blush, bronzer, and highlights and hope to soon start my own makeup line! I have hardly found the need to wear much right now since it is also hot, but I am rather loving my bare skin now!
          I still use simple skincare and found that some oils do really help my skin. I use the Hemp and Green Tea serum by Clean Living Collection and found it is the only blend I can use that doesn’t clog my skin over time. Good quality oils do make the world of difference too along with what kind since they each have different fatty acid content, which is what makes them more comedogenic or less for certain skin types. It is all such fascinating study! I am sorry you didn’t have a good experience with Jojoba or Argan oils Olena; I do hear that those are quite problematic for congestion-prone skin. What do you use on your skin nowadays? I also found that adding a little non-nano and uncoated zinc oxide to my facial oil works beautifully on my skin to not only give a little sun protection but also a little coverage and evening out of my skintone. I don’t need much anymore. It also soothes my skin though of any redness or small spot at that time of the month. Quality Plant hydrosols, rose water and aloe juice have become necessities for me too. It may help you to use only 1-2 drops of oil with a water-type mist mixed together in your palm and patted onto a damp face. I take a hydrosol or even just plain aloe juice (hydrosols are much more hydrating) and mist my face, then add 1-2 drops oil with a few spritzes again in my hand and mix together to emulsify, then apply to my face. It gives just enough moisture but isn’t just plain oil which can be heavy sometimes depending on the oil and skintype you have. I found that this too keeps my skin from getting those little clogged pores like milla over time. Skin definitely needs both water and oil, not just oil. I am seeing from many people that using oils alone can be too much for their skin and causes dryness or clogging or both!

          I hope to hear back from you both! I love to stay updated!

  2. Hi! I have been searching long and hard for an all natural makeup, esp one without mica, silica, and titanium dioxide. This makeup was the only one I could find, but unfortunately, there are not too many reviews out there. I would love to purchase this product with a bit more convincing, as I have very sensitive skin. When you say the product is “a bit rough” what exactly do you mean? You mentioned you purchased this product in a full size … would you repurchase once the full size is done?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Aastha thanks for reading! I just realized I never updated the photos in the review. Check back in a couple of days and I will add ones of the full sized product. I am still using it and have re-ordered multiple times. I am so used to the consistency now that I don’t even notice it being “rough” anymore. I was previously using Alima foundation which contained Titanium Dioxide and Mica and was oh so smooth going on. If you are using a product like that you will originally notice a difference but I got used to it.

      I have sensitive skin too (mostly acne prone) which is why I switched because even though from a distance Alima gave me a great complexion, up close you could see all of my pores looked clogged. I think it was the Mica and that is why I started looking for a Mica free product. I have had less of a problem with pore clogging with this one so I would recommend it. I do have to tell you get samples first. If you don’t like it or don’t find a shade good for you it will save you in the end. Let me know if I can help you with anything else!

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