Grain Cleansing

graincleansing     I am writing once again about oats to tell you my latest discovery for them.  Perhaps you have heard about cleansing grains?  It is along the same lines as washing your face with oil, except now you can wash it with your breakfast! That is right I now strictly wash my sensitive skin with oat flour and have been doing so for 2 weeks straight.  Cleansing with grains is great for someone who wants to be in between oil cleansing and soap. I have found it the the perfect regimen followed by a detoxing toner and moisturizing oil.

     Avena Sativa (oats) is considered a wonderful herb and not only for internal but also for external use as it is anti-inflammatory, calming, nourishing and does not disrupt the pH barrier of the skin.  Oats also contain Saponins which are a component that causes foaming.  This foaming action gives you a lovely and effective natural lather that really makes you feel like you are getting clean without having to use a oil stripping pH disruptive soap.

     Just take some oat flour in your hands, add a little water and rub together to form a paste and then massage onto your skin.  It is the most delicious relaxing experience.  The flour gently exfoliates, cleanses, removes foundation and moisturizes at the same times.  Then just rinse off (I like to use my Konjac sponge for this part).  Do be extra careful around your hairline because if you miss some it may dry and look like dandruff… not the look we are going for!

     Follow with toner and moisturizing oil.  The blemishes on my skin have become fewer and farther between, and my skin always feels very soft and smooth.  A pound of flour only cost about 5 dollars and will last me till the end of the years so I could not be happier!  Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Other grains are said to work well too, and some people mix a few together so just do a little research and find out what might work for you.  Some other ones to consider are almond flour and rice flour. Happy grain cleansing!


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