SW Basics Toner


SW Basics Toner Review     I have been searching for the perfect toner for sometime now.  I have used some fancy toners in the past but they always broke me out.  I actually nearly gave up on them all together but then I realized an approach that I have tried with my other skincare routines already but had yet to apply to this step: Less is More.  Instead of using toners that try to throw together as many good ingredients as possible, I decided to focus on a few key ones and do an ingredient search online and see if anything came up.  I typed into the Google shopping bar: toner apple cider vinegar witch hazel.

     A few products came up but most of them also contained nasty preservatives.  One however did not. Introducing SW Basics. I was torn over purchasing this product for a few days.  It was so simple with only 5 ingredients. And there were still other ingredients out there that I wanted to incorporate into my theoretical toner.  What about willowbark, aloe vera or rosewater?  Would I be missing out?  I decided to stick with my mantra “Less is More” and purchase.

     They were running an incredible deal (1/2 off) for bottles that had been damaged in manufacturing so I decided to get one of them for $12.  However when my bottle arrived it was in perfect condition, go figure! I have been using this product for nearly a month now and let me tell you I am in love with it!  My skin has never looked or felt better.  The product smells natural but not over bearing.  It tingles but does not irritate.  I love the packaging, you feel like your very own apothecary when using this bottle.

     My only complaint is that because of the metal lid and ACV ingredient, it causes rust to develop which then gets onto my cotton pad and skin.  I contacted them via Facebook and was promptly sent the trial size spray bottle for me to transfer some of my toner into so I wouldn’t have to worry about the rust.  They also informed me that they are working on developing new lids so the problem will be resolved shortly.  Talk about excellent customer service!

     Overall I am really thrilled with this purchase.  I already ordered another bottle (full price don’t care!) and their cleanser to give a try.  The ingredients are water, raw apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, and essential oils of clary sage and sandlewood.  If you have acne problems or even not I say definitely consider their toner.  It had been the perfect addition to my skin care regimen.  I use it twice a day and dare say it is mild enough for even sensitive skin.  I also added a tiny bit more ACV in mine because my skin just loves that stuff.

     I know there are other simple toners out there as well, but most add in Vitamin E as a preservative and that tiny bit breaks me out horribly because it is highly comedogenic, so please keep that in mind when choosing a toner. Check them out on FB as well because they run sales and promotions like 15% off or a free lip balm (which I received and my husband and I both love it!).  Have you tried the SW basics toner or cleanser?  Let me know in the comments section below!


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