Andalou Naturals Age Defining Mask

Andalou Fruit Enzyme Mask     I have been slowly but surely working my way through the Andalou Naturals masks/peels and have just received my Fruit Enzyme Mask which is part of the Age Defying collection.  I have to say it is by far my favorite.  I do not intend to try the remaining masks simply because after reviewing their ingredients I do not think that they will be right for my skin type.

     So far I have tried the Kombucha Enzyme Peel which was pleasant but did not have a noticeable tingle generally associated with a peel.  Next I tried the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, which is more of a peel than a mask and it tingled on the side of slight discomfort if you had any “active” breakouts.

     This last mask is such a treat to wear!  It reminds me of a fruit jam!  It has a nice tingle to it which reminds me of a peel, especially because of its gel like consistency.  It smells fruity but you can also smell the “active” ingredients as well but it is not overwhelming.  The Papain enzymes are also very effective.

     A little goes a long way, and after using for the mask about 15 minutes and rinsing my face felt silky smooth.  I also noticed that active breakout inflammation was reduced.  So far I have used it twice in the last week and will continue to do so.  I ordered this for less than $10 on Vitacost and considering how long this will last me I consider it a great deal!


2 Replies to “Andalou Naturals Age Defining Mask”

    1. I would recommend this mask as it is designed for aging, dry and sensitive skin but also includes ingredients for enzyme removal of dead skin cells. I would also maybe check out their 1000 Roses Collection as it is designed for delicate and dry skin and they offer a mask and exfoliator which contain Hyaluronic Acid to decrease dryness.

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