Andalou Naturals Chia & Omega Radiant Skin Polish

     I have had this product for a couple of months and am definitely in love!  I was hesitant to buy a skin polish (scrub) because I figured I could just make one on my own! Of course I never did and when I saw this for half the price at TGMAXX I knew I just had to snag it. It was my first time using a product like this and I am very much happy that I finally caved.

     I have sensitive skin and this product is very gentle. The granules are very fine and yet they do a wonderful job at exfoliating.  It contains Chia Seeds and Walnut Powder which are the “active” ingredients. The other ingredients are very non-comedogenic and you do not have to fear about using this on acneic skin.  I use it a couple of times a week for the past couple of months and still have most of the tube left since only need a very small amount.

     I use it in the shower and it easily rinses off. Your skin immediately feels softer     and absorbs whatever products you put on it after more effectively. Whenever I am starting to break out I use it and notice a difference in the clarity and texture of my skin the next day. I have also noticed that my hands are soft after using in on my face . I assume it would be a great exfoliator for hands and even your feet.I would definitely recommend this product for anyone with acneic, thick, oily skin.


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