The Nutrition Source by Harvard

Healthy Eating Plate

     You are probably aware of the USDA’s MyPlate. Many dietitians recommend the resource, however many nutritionists take issue with it for good reason. To address many of the key problems with MyPlate, Harvard School of Public Health offers the Nutrition Source. It is an invaluable resource that offers research based nutrition info in an easy to understand  way.   Their Healthy Eating Plate shows that protein should consist of about 25% of your meal, as should whole grains.

      The vegetable portion appears to be about 35%. The fruit portion consists of what looks like to be about 15%.  Take note that NO DAIRY is included and it is replaced by water and healthy oils. For each item included on the chart a brief explanation is included to provide an example of healthy options.  A little figure of a running individual is included to remind the reader that a healthy diet should really consist of a healthy lifestyle which requires exercise.


     You can compare this to the very simple ChooseMyPlate image.  The portions are a bit more confusing to determine. There are no suggestions for healthy examples of food choices. No water or exercise is included, however dairy is.  Harvard’s Nutrition Source contains many static pages such as : What Should I Eat? It also contains a page called Nutrition in the News, which is frequently updated with freshly released nutrition studies/news articles, etc.  In contrast, ChooseMyPlate has a TON of resources available, which can make it less user-friendly and difficult to navigate. Even with their endless resources considered, Harvard’s Nutrition Source provides a better quality of information.


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