Foreo Luna Mini

foreo luna mini

     I began researching this product as soon as I discovered its existence last fall. By the time November came around I was convinced I wanted it and began dropping hints to my husband for a Christmas gift.  Of course I was very surprised that I actually received it because it can be hard for a man justifying spending so much on a skincare tool, especially after all of the money I wasted on the Clarisonic.

     I was elated when I opened it but a little nervous that it would turn out to be another waste. Fortunately, he got it on sale on Black Friday and that helped to alleviate some of my apprehension.  So I have been using it consistently for 4 months. I love so many aspects of it, I need to just list them out for you:

1)  There are no upkeep fees, like purchasing replacement brush heads with the Clarasonic. It is 1 and done!

2)  I charged it Christmas Day from a laptop with a USB cable and haven’t charged it since even though I use it twice a day!

3) It is waterproof so I keep it and use it in the shower.

4) It is silicone, so it is super easy to clean.

5) It works!  My skin has significantly improved since using it.  And it is very comfortable to use.

6) Last but not least, it is simply a stunning device. From the colors to the simple packaging, it is just a well thought out product.

     So there you have it! Let me know if you are interested in trying it, or already have one and what your experience has been. I would love to hear from you!


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