Honey Cleanser


I recently had the opportunity to try a raw honey facial cleanser by Worker B.  I have been wanting to try a cleansing mud for a while but many of them are very expensive.  This one however meets my ingredient requirements and doesn’t break the bank.  I have cleansed with raw honey before , but this was an entirely different experience.

This cleanser has a very delightful understated aroma.  The consistency is not like using pure raw honey. This is because of the unique formula including skincare oils.  This honey wash seems to melt onto your skin.  It is an effective cleanser and has been quite good at treating my hormonal outbreaks.

It has the best of both worlds of honey cleansing and oil cleansing.  It removes more easily than oil cleansing.  My previous experience with honey cleansing was a mixed mag. Just using raw honey was difficult because of the sticky consistency.   I also would experience a breakout after consistent use for a couple of weeks.

I have not used this product consistently so please take note.  I use it for about a week a month during which I would normally breakout from my monthly cycle.  I highly recommend the “normal to dry” formula due to it containing non comedogenic oils that are perfect for acneic skin.

Ingredients: Raw Honey, Organic oils of Rosehip Seed, Kukui Nut and Sesame Seed, Worker B Propolizer Tincture and Organic Elderberry Extract

Available at: http://www.worker-b.com/shop/skincare/raw-honey-face-wash-normal-dry-skin/


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