Holiday 2016

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We are now full in the throws of the Christmas Season, and for all of you who may be short on ideas for Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers, here are a few ideas for the ladies in your life, including yourself 🙂

     Pacifica, a brand that up until this year I had not used, is not my go to brand for mascara.  The Stellar Gaze Length and Strength Mascara would make a great stocking stuffer at only $14 and is available at Ulta.  I also wrote a review for it here.

     For something in a bit more expensive that can be exchanged as a present, Pacifica also makes a wonderful perfume.  The bottle and packaging is nice enough to wrap but the modest price of $22 will keep you smiling.  The Island Vanilla Spray Perfume is by far my favorite scent, it just smells so delicious and warm without being too “food-esque”, and is also available at Ulta.

     Honest Beauty hit the shelves of Ulta this year. The line created by Jessica Alba boasts beautiful eyeshadow trios that are smooth, creamy, blendable, and stay put all day. The colors really are splendid and the packaging makes it nice enough to gift under the tree, plus for only $25 it won’t break the bank. The Smokey Grey Eyeshadow Trio is my favorite.

     Another stocking stuffer option is from a company I recently discovered called Savannah Bee.  Their Beeswax Hand Cream is amazing and a must have for the cold winter months.  It features honey and beeswax as top ingredients and is just so luxurious and nourishing.  and with a price tag of $14, it is perfect for a stocking stuffer and is available online here.


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