Hiking Snacks

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I got back from a trip to Seattle a few weeks ago, and thought that I would share some snacks that I brought with me to eat while I was hiking in Mount Rainier National Park.

The Bhu Fit bars are a line of organic, gluten free, bars that have almost no sugar. These bars also contain prebiotic fiber (up to 10g), but not enough to cause any GI discomfort.  They are high in fat, and use coconut oil so they do include saturated fat.  They also have have moderate amounts of protein (12-14g).  An activity like hiking requires energy preferably in the form of a combination of protein and fat high in medium chain triglycerides to fuel your muscles, so these bars fit the bill.  They have a few different lines: whey protein, egg protein, and pea protein.  I of course only consume the plant based ones, and the Chocolate Chip Fudge Brownie and Apple Cinnamon Nutmeg varieties are my favorite by far.

The PaleoKrunch Granola Bars are a very complementary snack to the Bhu Fit Bars for physical activity as they are high in complex carbs, but still relatively low in sugar. I ate these on my way down the mountain to help refuel after my hike.  Although not organic, they are grain and GMO free. The packaging is a bit bulky, so not great for throwing in your pocket, but easy to carry in a backpack.  They only contain a handful of ingredients that sound like you could throw it together yourself, but somehow I can’t imagine it would go well for me if I tried. They do contain honey so they are not vegan friendly.  I enjoy the Pumpkin and Tropical Varieties as they are the lowest in sugar (6-7g) and have great flavor.

Here are some pics from the trip:




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