Cold and Flue Care


     About a week ago I came down with a cold and I actually felt bad about it.  I might be imagining it but I feel like having a healthy lifestyle and being a health advocate that I am not allowed to get sick.    I have to instead remind myself of how sick I used to get compared to how sick I get now, and how often.   I have a couple of colds a year and they last about a week, nothing impressive.  However, prior to my healthy living it seems that I was sick double that, and nearly every cold would turn into a chest infection.  I have even had pneumonia a few times as well.  This would lead to weeks in bed and multiple uses of antibiotics every year.  It has been years however since I had to go on antibiotics for a chest infection.  I need to remind myself that that is a success and to keep up the good work.  There have been many times that I have felt  a cold coming on but I never got sick.  I think that is from me starting to take preventative measures right away.

     Here is my tonic for preventing or getting you through a cold and preventing a chest infection if that is something that you are prone too.   Drinking tea is not only great medicine, but it helps me to drink throughout throughout the day.  With every cup (1 every hour) I take a Vitamin C equal to 500mg.   I could swear by Traditional Medicinals tea.  I highly recommend the Gypsy Cold Care, Throat Coat and Breathe Easy varieties.  In every cup of tea I add a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar (with the “mother” in it) and a teaspoon of raw honey.  Raw honey is anti-bacterial, fungal and viral.  Apple Cider Vinegar has the same properties and  is also a powerful expectorant and anti-inflammatory.

     The herbs in the tea are such high quality and therapeutic.  In addition I will increase my Zinc intake to about 150 mg a day.  Zinc is a powerful immune booster and has been shown to be able to stop progression of a cold and prevent as well.  I have found this tonic to work very well.  As a matter of fact when I worked as a secretary last year, every single one of my coworkers got sick one after another throughout the entire winter and I was the only one who did not and this is what I did every day.  So stock up on these items for winter and stay well!